Welcome to the internetgallery of gouache paintings by the autodidact Dutch artist Jan Maliepaard.

Jan Maliepaard (°1964) switched his career in the financial world in 2009 for the uncertain existence as an artist. Being self-taught he only started painting in 2003. By his allergy to petroleumdistillates he integrated to work with gouache.

The artist developed a unique painting technique, using fine brushes to apply multiple semi-transparent layers on a midtone opaque. This meticulous and labour-intensive technique results in a wide range of nuances in a style reminiscent of old photos.

Jason Stopa, Executive Editor of  The New York Artsmagazine wrote about this technique;

The rendering in his work is exquisite, reminiscent of contemporary masters like Lucian Freud.  And the monochromatic color scheme also creates a memory effect that is mysterious and intriguing.’

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More information (in Dutch) about Jan Maliepaard at www.janmaliepaard.nl